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The meal plan Lauren created worked super well for me considering I previously supported the paleo diet. I found the meal plans not only delicious, but also very helpful in my busy lifestyle, having majority of the meals already prepped for you makes things very easy on days you feel like you just have no time. I felt really good on this plan mentally and physically. The workouts Kait created really push you where you need while also being low maintenance as in you can do every workout from home. And the combination of the meal plan and workouts really makes the 2 weeks worth while
— Body UP client, BC Canada
I lost 9lbs and gained so much energy! The first week was kinda tough giving up my nightly glass of wine, but the results speak for themselves and by week 2 I was so satisfied with my meals and not starving so I added in their intermittent fasting to boost my progress. Would highly recommend for a reset to get you back on track!
— Body UP client, AB Canada
I was a participant in the 14 day Kait&Lo Body Up challenge and it was amazing!!!I have an extremely busy schedule where I work two jobs in a day so I was skeptical at first on how I was going to fit in a consistent healthy meal plan AND a workout every day. This plan was able to fit into my hectic schedule so perfectly and effortlessly. I did meal prep on a Sunday night which made cooking throughout the week a breeze, and with Kaits quick high intensity workouts I was able to accomplish my daily goals,make both shifts and get to bed early! I have always failed at sticking to programs, but Kait and Lauren have created such an easy program for busy people like me that I cannot wait to try more of their programs!
— Body UP Client, AB, Canada
I was pleasantly surprised with this program. The diet is fairly strict in some ways but I found it enjoyable and didn’t have a problem following it. The workouts are pretty quick so there’s not much room for excuses. I found them challenging, but I felt so good afterwards. As a person with past neck and back injuries I was happy that I was able to do so many of the workouts without hurting myself. In the end I lost a total of 11 inches and enjoyed myself doing it.
— Body UP client, BC Canada