Kait...I enjoy helping clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses the dimensions of health, body wellness and activity. I love helping clients reach and surpass their goals and share my knowledge on how to maintain that balance after the goals are reached. Whether you want to lose weight for health reasons, get your body back after having a baby or you want to sculpt and tone your body. In 2013 I decided to take my own initiative and get my own body back to a healthy and balanced state by focusing on nutrition, yoga and exercise. In 2017 I took my RYT200 and in 2018 I went on to take my RYT500. I also took the personal trainer course through the ISSA in 2018 to expand and grow my knowledge for personal benefits and I am excited for this opportunity to share that knowledge and experience with others.I’m a mom of one, my son was born in March 2018 so I get the day to day struggles that come with postpartum. Finding balance in the household and making the time for your own health and wellness. The Body Up 14day program is what got me back on track and I feel and look better than before I was pregnant!

“Accept no way as the way, accept no limitation as limitation”-Bruce Lee

Lauren…Health & Fitness are my passions! (okay i’ll be honest...i am far from a gym junkie, but being “fit” and in shape is definitely a priority, that’s why I LOVE Kaits kick ass short workouts that I can squeeze into my busy day, AT HOME! Huge blessing for us moms. I am obsessed with all things healthy from diet to lifestyle. So naturally, I found my career and calling in the health field as well! I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) in 2013. In 2015 I became a mom to my beautiful son which has opened up an area for me to connect with other moms on a relatable level. I heard the stories of feeling like they “lost” a part of their old selves once they had kids, how they dreaded getting dressed each day because nothing fit proper, or how they wanted to do the workout class at the gym but couldn’t find a sitter for the kids. Allll soooo relatable! I too had been in that rut post baby, BUT found a better way. This fueled my passion to be able to share my tips and tricks with women everywhere, and was the start of me and Kait collaborating to share our expertise in this area so YOU could have the same confidence in your health and feel strong, beautiful and sexy in your own skin again! We created programs that we know work because they are the very steps we took to bring fast, lasting results for ourselves! Whether you are a fellow momma like me and Kait, a boss babe juggling tons of stuff on your plate, or just someone wanting to get back in shape and feel healthy, we have got a program for you. Our program has been designed to fuel your body nutritionally and get your body in fat burning mode without starving yourself and can all be done from HOME for even the busiest person! Let us work for you and sculpt your Body UP!


Hey y'all! I'm Justin (left), I love capturing the pure moments life presents. Those, and my, candid moments are the what I believe @outsidetheoptics achieves by framing the feeling. Finding my love and desire for photography has been a journey that has been full of failures, learning, appreciation and small victories. Approaching each of those experiences with positivity, even when less successful than intended, have allowed me to gain the confidence to continue to pursue my passion of photography. My first passion was becoming a professional baseball player. Life forces you to change, adapt and evolve as you pursue your dreams and goals. While pursuing my baseball aspirations, the game I love challenged me with torn ACL & MCL ligaments. I too felt "lost" after a big change. These injuries created a new desire which shaped me and lead me to photography. Pursuing my passion of media and the athlete in me has presented this amazing opportunity to work with your two amazing online coaches, Kait and Lauren. These 2 strong and powerful women will support you along your journey as they have mine. I am so grateful for Kait and Lauren bringing me along for this journey. We are excited to develop engaging content, sculpt new attitudes, and creating a supportive environment that will allow everyone to continue to improve. Always stay positive, have goals and as one famous Kansas Jayhawk likes to say "Trust the Process".